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Lady Betty did not want her slave to continue watching porn. She had warned him to stop doing it but he did not stop. She was angry and she chose to facesit on him so as to make him stop once and for all. She choked him as she sat on his face and he was so scared and that was when it hit him that she was serious. He stopped.

Mistress Natasha did not want to be disturbed anymore by this guy. She was pissed at what he had done and she did not want him to ever do it again. As punishment, she chose to facesit on him. She choked him in the process and she got him to struggle to breathe and to beg for mercy. She ignored his pleas and told him he had to learn his lesson. He never did it again.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to facesit on guys. She loves it because it is a good punishment as she gets to choke guys and she loves it because she gets her ass and her pussy licked. She can even get an orgasm as someone does that. Today she was punishing this guy and she rode his face so hard that she came. She was horny and did not have someone to fuck her so she killed two birds with one stone as she punished this loser and she got an orgasm too.

Mistress Gaia and mistress Ezada had a common enemy and they wanted to join forces to torture him. They enjoyed torturing him and they made sure he felt all the pain he could as they facesat on him. They rubbed their asses on his face and they nearly choked him. He was humiliated and his pleas for mercy ignored. He had to endure the pain until they felt it was enough and let him go.

Mistress Henna and her friend mistress Jane could not agree on what to do to this loser. Mistress Henna wanted to crush his balls with her heels and mistress Jane wanted to shit on him. They debated it for long and they finally agreed to facesit on him, choke him and make him feel pain as they ground his face with their ass in jeans. The punishment was perfect and worked wonders.

Madame Marissa does not take disappointment well. Whenever she is disappointed, she has to make sure whoever disappointed her is well punished so that he or she does not do it again. She crushed this loser's face for disappointing her and she cruelly ensured he was both humiliated and in pain. She ground her ass on his face and she nearly tore his face apart with her ass. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Mina was horny and she was waiting for her boyfriend to fuck the living daylights out of her. She was dripping wet when he came and she did not even need foreplay. She was however disappointed when he came within a minute and could not satisfy her. She punished him for it using her ass. She facesat on him, got him to lick her pussy till she came and she also fucked herself using a dildo while he watched.

Lady Amy is blessed with a gorgeous ass. She loves to use her ass to have fun and that is what she did today. She used to humiliate this loser and she had fun making him smell her ass and lick it too. She had not wiped herself properly and she used him as her human toilet paper without caring how cruel it was for him. She only let him go when she felt it was enough.

Madame Marissa did not like the kind of work her employee gave her. She was wondering why he had taken all that time yet he gave her half baked work. She was pissed and as punishment, she returned the work to him and she facesat on him and made him smell her ass. It was both humiliating as well as painful and he had no choice but to endure it and redo the work.

Mistress Gaia loves to facesit and to humiliate. She lured this guy to her house and she made him believe that she was attracted to him and that she wanted to fuck him. But she did not and instead of fucking him, she facesat on him and she humiliated him. She got him to lick her ass, her socks and her feet besides crushing his dick. The poor guy went away disappointed and humiliated.

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