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Lady Morgana found out that this perverted guy lived near her and she had to make sure he learned his lesson the hard way. She used her hot ass to facesit on him as punishment. She used her ass as she knew that he would be attracted to it and it would be easy to bait him with it and to humiliate him. She choked him and he peed his pants as she did and agreed to stop being perverted.

Mistress Enola was dressing up to go to work when she saw her slave peeping at her through the keyhole. She was pissed at him and she used her facesitting fetish to punish him as she did not want that to happen again. The mistress crushed his face with her butt and she farted on him for good measure. Needless to say, he never did any of that nonsense again after that punishment.

Madame Marissa hated the fact that this guy had betrayed her. She did not like it and she had to make sure that he learned his lesson the hard and painful way. The mistress used her ass to facesit on him and the pain he felt as she did it was the perfect way for him to learn never to betray anyone again. The punished worked and he learned his lesson.

Lady Betty did not have any reason to facesit on this loser but then again she did not need one. As long as she needed to do it, she had to do it. She called this guy to her house and she made him lick her ass and smell her pussy and her ass. He did not mind because, in as much as he was humiliated by the whole thing, he had a little fun as well.

Mistress Sasara has a gorgeous ass. When her boyfriend pisses her off, she likes to use it to humiliate him without him knowing. Today she facesat on him and pretended she wanted to try a new thing with her ass and since he loved her ass, he agreed. She then facesat on him and she bounced her ass on his face and nearly choked him. He was in a little bit of pain as well but he thought it was for fun.

Mistress Vanny did not want to lose her temper because of what this loser had done. Instead, she chose to maintain her cool but still punish him. She did so using her sexy ass and she choked him while telling him what she did not want him to do. She watched as he struggled to breathe and begged her for mercy. She finally let him go and knew he would never do it again.