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Mistress Gaia and her friends had invested some money in a business and let this employee to run it. But he ran it badly and they did not make any money out of it. The mistresses were mad and they wanted a quick turnaround. The mistress forced the guy to lick their asses and smell their farts before they felt it was ok to let him go. He had to improve or it would be worse.

Mistress Gaia is not one to piss off and hope she forgets about it. She does not forgive easily and neither does she forget easily when she is pissed. This guy could not believe what she did to him when she got pissed. She turned him into her human seat and she facesitting on him cruelly. She choked him as she did it and he had no choice but to endure it.

Mistress Gaia and mistress Ezada had a common enemy and they wanted to join forces to torture him. They enjoyed torturing him and they made sure he felt all the pain he could as they facesat on him. They rubbed their asses on his face and they nearly choked him. He was humiliated and his pleas for mercy ignored. He had to endure the pain until they felt it was enough and let him go.

Mistress Gaia loves to facesit and to humiliate. She lured this guy to her house and she made him believe that she was attracted to him and that she wanted to fuck him. But she did not and instead of fucking him, she facesat on him and she humiliated him. She got him to lick her ass, her socks and her feet besides crushing his dick. The poor guy went away disappointed and humiliated.

Mistress Gaia and her friend found out that this guy had the answer for what they were looking for. They tried to get him to tell them but he refused. They even tried to pay him but he refused. And when he agreed, he asked for outrageous sums of money. The mistresses got pissed at his greediness and they tortured him with their asses by facesitting on him and choking him. They got him to give them the answer for free.

Mistress Gaia and her friend did not have any problem with this guy but that did not prevent them from humiliating him. They had fun at his expense after lying to him that they liked him and wanted to have fun with him. They facesat on him and used their asses to choke him and humiliate him. He had to lick their asses and smell their farts before they let him go.

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