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This mistress found out that it was this loser who had snitched on her. She did not like what he had done and she used her jeans to facesit on him and torture him. She degraded him and he had no choice but to do as she wanted. She crushed his face and made him cry like a little baby. The guy was also choked and he peed his pants.

Lady Amy has a nice ass and she is not shy to use it for her own entertainment. She realized that this guy was into her and she dominated him for fun. She did not like him the way he liked her but she pretended she was having fun with him and she got him to lick her ass as she facesat on him. He did not realize she was humiliating him.

Madame Marissa is fond of facesitting. She likes it because it is fun. She gets to have double the fun because she can humiliate someone using her ass and she can also get her pussy licked or she can rub her clit against someone's face and cum. Today she was wearing her jeans as she did it because she wanted it to be more painful to him. And it was.

Lady Betty did not have any reason to facesit on this loser but then again she did not need one. As long as she needed to do it, she had to do it. She called this guy to her house and she made him lick her ass and smell her pussy and her ass. He did not mind because, in as much as he was humiliated by the whole thing, he had a little fun as well.

Mistress Natasha enjoys sitting on people's faces. It is one of the things she likes doing when she is bored and today was no exception. She had some time to kill so she went outside and she came back with this loser who thought he was going to fuck her. But she facesat on him and choked him as she covered his face with her ass. She rubbed her clit, her pussy and her ass on his face and it felt great.

Mistress Sasara has a gorgeous ass. When her boyfriend pisses her off, she likes to use it to humiliate him without him knowing. Today she facesat on him and pretended she wanted to try a new thing with her ass and since he loved her ass, he agreed. She then facesat on him and she bounced her ass on his face and nearly choked him. He was in a little bit of pain as well but he thought it was for fun.

Mistress Vanny did not want to lose her temper because of what this loser had done. Instead, she chose to maintain her cool but still punish him. She did so using her sexy ass and she choked him while telling him what she did not want him to do. She watched as he struggled to breathe and begged her for mercy. She finally let him go and knew he would never do it again.

Madame Marissa wanted to find the best way to humiliate this loser. She chose to do it by facesitting on him. She summoned him to her room and she ordered him to lie down. She teased him a little bit with her ass before she facesat on him. He had a little fun watching her tease him but when her ass met his face, the fun ended and the humiliation began.

Lady Stefanie enjoys torturing guys for fun and today she did it on this guy who wanted to fuck her. He seduced her thinking he had game. What he did not know was that she was bored and she was looking to try facesitting fetish. She took him to her house where she facesat on him and she crushed him. She also made him to jerk off as she facesat on him.

Mistress Mariella and her friend mistress Madison got into an argument about who was the strongest. They could not agree on who was the strongest so they chose to settle it physically. They wrestled and the winner was allowed to humiliate the loser. They wrestled hard and mistress Madison won. She had fun facesitting on her friend. She got her friend to lick and smell her ass as well as her pussy before she let her go.

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