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This guy flirted with this mistress and he turned her on. But he did not have any intention of fucking her. When he realized that it was getting serious and heated, he told her he was only joking. The mistress was so pissed off that she had to dominate him and show him what she did to people who piss her off. She resorted to facesitting on him and she forced him to eat her pussy until she came.

This mistress was getting late for work but she knew her boyfriend would not let her go without making him cum. He wanted to fuck her but she knew that would take time. So she facesat on him with her thong on knowing how he loved and adored her ass. She wiggled it in his face and she played with his dick using her hands and she got him to cum.

Goddess Natasha is not the kind of person to forgive easily when she has been pissed. Her slave pissed her today and she did not hesitate to teach him a lesson. She pounced on him and she trampled his face with her ass. She choked him cruelly and ignored his pleas for mercy. She made sure he smelled her farts and he licked her ass before she let him go.

This mistress wanted to choke her slave. She wanted to do it in a way he would not suspect till it was too late. So she flirted with him and he had an instant boner since it had never happened before. She then had him smell her ass before she facesat on him. She then wiggled her ass on his face and did not give him room to breathe till he nearly peed his pants.

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